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1. All scenes all what people need to see. It will open peoples eyes to see what their neighbors are really up to.

2. I never looked at myself as someone on there way to a meth head I always prefred pot. But had begun to use meth an after hearin you it was like a light goin off tn my head Thank u for wat u do

3. I was in high school at the time I heard David's story, and it was so amazing! I am now a few years older and still look back on the presentation as a great learning tool! He does an amazing job and anyone who is able to hear his story is very fortunate!

4. I believe it should be mandatory for every child of jr high and high school age, as well as every person in the legal system for drug use, to hear and see this program. It would be nice if you offered the program on video or some other mean of communication, so when Mr. Parnell couldn't make an appearance there would be an alternative. God bless, You do a wonderful job and give much hope to everyone affected by this evil.

5. i went tonight to my home church where david was at to hear his story. i took my 8 year old with me to hear and see what happens on drugs. he was so interested and talked to me about it. i wish there were more people out there like david to keep america off this killer. i thank God in heaven for saving him so he can help save ohers before its to late. keep up the good work i will be praying for u. lisa, mercer baptist church greenville, ky

6. This program an eye opening experience! David's story is very inspiring. David is a very courageous man. I would like to thank him for sharing is story. Keep sharing this story. God Bless

7. You Came to Ohio County High School In Beaver Dam Kentucky and i was one of the students in the audience. And i thought, me being a christain it was awsome that you are going around the world telling your story. Want to thank you for coming. Take care i

8. Moving!

9. Hello David, my name is Angela and I met you at Glad Tiddings Church in Duluth MN. by the way we miss you, think of you, and still praying for you to continue your calling. I hope every thing is good and that you and your family had a wonderful holiday season. I just wanted to let you know how much education you gave me in seeing things that I couldnt see. I work in public transit I am a driver for the Duluth Transit Authority. I know alot of people didnt get to see you when you came to Duluth I had the honer to hear you speek at my church and I caught you at the decc witch I had to do some fancy talking to get in that one.( I had to sit on the floor) but I know a lot of people that came from hundreds of miles were turned a way. I really hope to see you come hear again. I believe Duluth did a good job advertising, but not suppling adiquite space. Bless you, your family and the your staff with helping you do your job for the communitys that are getting destroyed by this beast called meth. love you Angela

10. "This program really opened my eyes about Meth. The pictures were very graphic and I think that was the extra push that we needed to not do drugs in the future."

11. i honeslty think it was amazing to have him come to our school in estill county, kentucky i did some drugs my freshman year of school ,drinking and smoking pot mostly and few pills nothing major but if i was still in the drug period having daivd coming to our school and with his wonderful presentation i would stop them right there,but having that said i do no such of drugs and have'nt for 2years now, but its great what he is doing and it was a great performance, it really gave you an idea of what drugs "meth" mostly can desroy your life in such a short time. I enjoyed him and his information about drugs some things were unbarrying to see and others made you want to cry but it gave you a great sense of how your life can end up by being a drug user. Keep up the good work i thank him for coming once again. god bless him.

12. i am a mother of 2 sons 1 addicted to oppites. the other on crack cocaine. the oppite user has been clean for 15 months. i give that thanks to god. he is in drug court he seen your program oct.21 2008 and he said if anyone uses drugs after seening it they are just wanting to die. he was very touched by it . so touched that i went on line and watched it myself.and now i see what he meant.i personaly myself hate drugs, they have caused so much hurt and pain for my family.my oldest son addicted to crack i have not seen or heard from since july6,2008 do not know if he is dead or alive.i just keep praying that god will save him.so yes your program is helping and god bless you and your family especially those 7 children at least god gave you back to them.what a wonderful blessing. see my son on crack cocaine has 2 sons i have had the oldest 1 all his life. he is 12 years old.his other 1 is 9 years old. lives with his mother they have different mothers.the oldest childs mother uses all drugs including needles. so yes keep up the good work and keep living and working for god.......god bless.......

13. It really helped me see the damage drugs can do to you.

14. I am a foster parent in Waseca County Minnesota I had in my Care 3 meth Addicted children for more than a year. They suffered seizures and still do. They were returned home to father a meth addict/ alcholic/ dignosed phsycophrenic. We as a community have sent many complalints to our Social service system however nothing is being done. The kids are filthy, locked in there room with a rope tied to another door so they can't get out. People are constantly coming and going. They happen to live 2 doors down from us and parties go outside for days neighbors have witnessed children being thrown down the steps and nothing is being done. I did ask this question at your awsome presentation. Any more suggestions of what we can do. My childrend thought your presentation was great very graphic but great. I have seen the affects that meth can have on children and we in Minnesota need to help these kids. Our counties don't seem to want to deal with it. Help

15. I really enjoyed David's Presentation. It was very powerful, and we want him to come back to N.M. sometime soon. It is now the talk of the town!

16. I really loved the program! Its helps me understand alot from the past with my dad! I finally realized why everything went the way idid with my father when i was a child! It relly opened my eyes and i want to Thank You!

17. After seeing the presentation at my school, I thought that David's story was sad and I will not even think about doing meth.

18. what an amazing story. i think that in today's society kids need to SEE the harm drugs do to people and this presentation did just that. god bless you and your family. again, thank you for doing this!

19. Your presentation was amazing. Keep up the good work! I feel your message will truly touch people. God Bless!

20. Please Come Back to Southern Indiana. There are so many people that need to hear you message.

21. First I would like to say thank you very much. I took my children to see the presentation.This drug is a problem in our county to. I have been talking to them for awhile about the dangers in drugs, but this had a great effect on them.They are still telling there friends about what they saw and heard. I think it will be something they will carry with them a long time.

22. I think your presentation at Robbinsville High School, was very effective! I personally think that you talking to us students really changed our mind about drugs... THANK YOU


24. i wouldnt try meth

25. I would love to see this in every school in Henry county, and also all churches There are so many kids searching for something in Henry county. Please contact the Henry county school system and see if there is any way you could get in. I heard you last night at Birds Creek Baptist Church in Paris. Thank you so much for what you are doing. God Bless B Roberts

26. The presentation was very moving and i thought it was excellent.

27. I would generally give Mr. Parnell's program a 5-star rating. I would most certainly hope that the program would deter anyone even thinking of trying this poison that not only directly kills its users but also supports acts of terrorism with its profits.

28. He did a wonderful presentation and showed the truth about what really happens.

29. This presentation is one of the most eye opening presentations I have seen in my life! It is absoulutely amazing! I honestly can say I will never forget it. Thanks for going through what youd did to teach all of us kids this:)

30. I loved your presentation, as a addict, i dont want to continue doing the worst drug. i saw what you all went through and i've been through some myself, but i cant imagine going through everything you have. Your speech really changed my mind on what I thought meth was. Thank you for coming to my School (huron high school) and talking to all of us on meth. Im going to be getting some help. thank you again

31. It is pretty cool that you, David, overcame meth. It is very brave to go out and teach others not to do it too.

32. I just want to encourage you to continue to be bold in sharing your true release from these chains in Christ. I give Him the praise and glory for your life and ministry. May He continue to bless you. Love in Christ, P

33. The presentation was amazing. It was very helpful to me because I have been offered meth before and I was actually thinking of trying it once just to see what everyone was talking about and why people liked it and all of my friends were offering it to me so this presentation was very helpful in deciding how to live my life and I now know that I want to live it drug free. So thank you for helping me and my classmates.
34. I was there at my son's school during the presentation. It had a tremendous impact on him and that's what mattered to me the most.

35. The best presentation I've seen of its type...a cautionary but caring man and message. Thanks! Mrs. Pam Stille

36. Great program!

37. I believe that being able to see the "before" and "after" photos of people on meth and the photos of innocent children abused and damaged by parents on meth really drove home the point to our kids, not to mention the photos of the aftermath of David's shooting. The way you handled the issue of your faith in God helping pull you through your ordeal was tactfully done. Enough was said to give the students the idea but not so much to cause problems with the state. My wife and I teach and minister at a center for men trying to get their lives back from drug and alcohol abuse. The Hope Center in Russellville is treating the whole man: body, soul, and spirit. With God's help, and the habits developed and spiritual growth achieved during their year there they have a better chance at staying free. Thank you for all you gave to us. Dale Simmons Registrar

38. With students, It would be help to do a survey and address any questions or comments they have before a presentation. A follow up with the students and teachers would help futher inform students. Our school has an advisory where our students could talk about the problem(s) associated with the use and problems with Meth,

39. Graphic but compassionate; excellent presentation.

40. The only downside to the presentation was that by projecting the show on the gym wall instead of a screen, students on the side got a very distorted view. The images would have been much more effective with our younger students if they could have seen what was intended. Overall though, the message itself was quite clear and made a lasting impression on many many many of the students at our school. I applaud your courage and determination for what you are doing to help others fight meth addicton. God bless you, David Parnell.

41. The presentation was difficult to hear; a stronger sound system would help. Also, please don't talk so fast. I realize you had to do this to get all of your message in, but when you talk fast and the sound system is poor the whole program loses its effectiveness. Otherwise, well done and keep trying.

42. Thank you for visiting out school. The discussions that followed between the students and teachers was absolutely great. You touched many lives because you came forth to tell your story. Thank you.

43. This presentation opened the eyes of many of our students and faculty. It was well presented and the message was very clear.

44. i think you are doing a great deeed. im looking forward to seeing your program again at church on the 17th. i am bringing my nephew with me. i think hearing your story could help. keep up the good work. god bless. sandi york

45. I think it is good to show and tell the cold hard truth.

46. May have been the best anti-meth program I've ever seen, certainly the most hard-hitting. Keep up the good work, keep spreading the message, and may God bless you in your work.

47. Over a year later, people in our community continue to make reference to David's visit. I think he definitely made an impression on everyone. We feel blessed to know him and honored to have had the opportunity to bring him to southern Indiana to share his message.

48. I am looking forward into seeing you again in the vicksburg area. Daniel Harris Drug Court.

49. Not only was David's presentation moving but I found help from his wife after the fact. Living with a recovered addict and his child is a daily challenge but there is hope. David & his presentation gives hope to many. Jess & Brian

50. very effective presentation

51. David's presentation is very effective, and his experiences seemed to hit home better than similar forums put on by law enforcement. People know and appreciate that it takes him courage to tell his story to an audience, and his story is shocking enough to get through to even the hardest-core meth user. We have worked well with David when we brought our educational displays to his events, and we think Moms and Dads Against Meth and David Parnell make a good team here in Wisconsin!

52. David Parnell's meth presenations should be viewed by all schools nationwide. We got to know David by a drug awareness project my daughter Shauna started as a freshman. She now is a senior and we have kept in touch with the Parnell family throughout these years. We pray that David continues his work and that law enforcement and school districts continue to hire him. We really wish he could get more national attention with the media on such programs as Dateline, 60 Minutes, Dr. Phil, Oprah so he could reach out on a wider scale.

53. too me i though it very intersing that some one could live through this and teach on it

54. I really do appreciate David, his strength and courage to continue carrying the message throughout Native America. And to know that there are other like myself that contines to be of service to others. Thank you for sharing, you have a powerful story!!

55. testing from Amy

56. David is an excellent presenter and does a great job of informing all in attendance of the dangers of meth. Very touching.

57. i have seen David twice, once while in treatment and once last fall, he is awesome! for question 6 my true answer would should be no, but i only say trhis becasue i AM a former cook and i dont think anyone can make me anymore inclined to take action. i said yes to #6 from the point of view of a non-cook. i hope that makes sense.

58. I wish you all the best of luck in life. Thank you very much for sharing your life changing story.

59. sometimes David was a little difficult to hear and understand. He spoke very quickly and in an large audience, it was hard to understand.

60. I really enjoyed hearing David's personal story. I think it takes students to hear it on a personal basis to make some understand the risk it has on your life.

61. hello David Hope things are going well for you in the new year, I really do not know how you could improve on your program, we have been talking about geting you back in the Williston area again, take care , Joe McGillis

62. I very much enjoyed this presentation and think that the studnets watching the presentation thought so as well. Although the presentation was hard to hear at times, due to the sound system at our school, the information was very informative and real. I was very pleased with the presentation and hopefully can work with you all in the future on programming.

63. number 4 is a hard one, meth is such a liar's drug I think if a person gets pressured they might try it anyway. They will know the effects though so maybe they won't continue if that's possible. very good, really enjoyed ourselves. thanks so much lisa
64. David's program was the absolute best program. I cannot imagine anyone wanting to use meth or any drug after hearing him and seeing his program.

65. Amazing!