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Facing the Dragon 
How a Desparate Act Pulled One Addict Out of Methamphetamine Hell

By David Parnell with Amy Hammond Hagberg

After more than twenty-three years addicted to methamphetamine and other drugs, David Parnell put an SKS assault rifle under his chin and pulled the trigger.

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This DVD contains David's standard school presentation. Topics covered include basic facts about meth, dangers of manufacturing, child abuse, domestic violence, and David's personal story of addiction and recovery.  Total running time is 53 minutes 23 seconds. Viewer discretion is advised.

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Reviews & Comments

1. "Facing The Dragon" is more than a book about methamphetamine addiction; it is a thought-provoking look at the life of David Parnell that will literally take you to hell and back again! It is not a book for the faint of heart, but a brutally honest memoir of David Parnell's life as a boy, a man, a husband, and a father, and much of what he has experienced isn't pretty. Methamphetamine rules lives with an iron-fisted hand, and in the case of David Parnell, it was a hand that grabbed a loaded gun, pointed it at his head, and pulled the trigger, ultimately bringing him within a prayer's width of losing his life. Parnell is a lucky man. He is also a survivor, as is his family whose love, support, courage, and commitment became the glue that has helped him put his life and the life of their family back together. This book is absolutely wonderful!

"Facing the Dragon" is the kind of story that you won't soon forget - nor should you. If it were up to me, every U.S. legislator and drug-policy maker in the world would have to read this important book about the destructive power of methamphetamine!

Thank you Amy Hammond Hagberg and David Parnell for a wonderful book and for all of your efforts to educate others about the dangers of methamphetamine!

-Dawn Turner

2. Phenomenal book. Having the honor of hearing David speak in my hometown, and now holding the long awaited Facing the Dragon in my hands "completes the journey". The book was more than a gift, it was the icing on the proverbial cake. Thank you David & Amy Parnell, for sharing with such humility and grace... and to Amy Hammond Hagberg for having the talent and heart to stand behind this story, and share it with the masses. The three of you deserve more than FIVE STARS!

-Amy Peterson

3. I loved the book. To read all the horrible things the Parnell family has been through and all their struggles, and then to know what an amazing, loving, respectable family they are now is truly amazing. A definate must-read for everyone, especially those who may be struggling with an addiction themselves and need inspiration to get help and turn their lives around.

-L. Whetstone

4. My son is currently in prison on all meth-related charges. He says that if he had not been arrested and locked-up, that he would be dead by now. Him and I read FACING THE DRAGON together - him on the inside, with his copy, and I on the outside, with mine. I cannot say enough good things about this book. Thank you David Parnell for sharing your story; it is brutally yet refreshingly honest - a story of HOPE, and people need to hear it.

To anyone struggling with meth addiction - and to anyone who has been affected by meth and the horrors that it brings - THIS BOOK TELLS IT LIKE IT IS. I highly recommend reading this book. And - if you ever get the chance to go and hear David Parnell speak - GO! You will not regret it.


5. This was one of the best books I have ever been fortunate enough to hold in my hands! I feel like I was taken through Parnell's life in excruciating detail. This book touched me unlike any book ever has. I wasn't able to put this book down; I read it from front to back in 48 hours (which for me is unheard of). Being unfamiliar with the world of drugs, this book has opened my eyes. I have already borrowed it to two people in the last two weeks, and they have had the same things to say about it. This powerful story is beautifully written and will change lives!