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David currently has two separate presentations suitable for several different venues including schools, conferences, community awareness meetings, and correctional facilities.   Both “Facing the Dragon: The Battle against Methamphetamine” and "Methamphetamine: Impact on Children and Families" are approved for .15 CEUs.  Please read further to decide which presentation would be the best fit for your audience.  Each presentation can be modified to fit the needs of specific venues if needed.  It should be noted that both presentations contain graphic images of the effects of drug addiction which may not be suitable for all viewers.  

"Facing the Dragon: The Battle against Methamphetamine" provides education and awareness about the dangers of drugs; focusing primarily on methamphetamine and including the effect meth use has on users, their families, and communities. A portion of this program is dedicated to spreading awareness about the plight of drug endangered children.  David uses PowerPoint with over 200 slides to show people how destructive and deadly meth use can be. Several pictures show David before and after he started using methamphetamine and also pictures of the moments after he attempted suicide. For a summary and list of objectives please click here.

"Methamphetamine: Impact on Children and Families" focuses on meth related child abuse.  An in depth focus of the effects on meth on the addicted parent and how that transfers to being an emotional and physical risk to children is discussed in great detail with emphasis on intervening in such homes.  Examples of the threat to children in meth using homes as well as those with labs are given.  Details of the addicted parent’s recovery process, difficulties in treating the addicted parent, and hurdles of reunification are also discussed.  For a summary and list of objectives please click here.

For Schools: "Facing the Dragon: The Battle against Methamphetamine" is suitable for public schools, grades 6 and up. In some cases, younger students have been included. In addition to David's personal story of addiction and recovery, it includes facts about methamphetamine such as slang names, appearance, routes of use, gives a brief description of the chemicals meth is made out of and the dangers of "cooking". The short term and long term effects are also discussed. The topics of child abuse and domestic violence in relation to methamphetamine use are also included. While David is a devout Christian, he understands the limitations placed on sharing his beliefs in the public schools. Survey results from one school district can be seen here.

For Conferences and Training Seminars: Whether it is a keynote address, workshop, or anything in between, both presentations are suitable in these venues.  While the normal running time is approximately 1 1/2 hours, including a few minutes for discussion, the presentation can be adjusted to fit any venue.  David regularly speaks at law enforcement, child abuse, social worker, and drug awareness conferences. 

Churches, Correctional Facilities and Community Events: David also has a faith-based presentation that can be used in these venues. It is the same program he does in the schools with more of his personal testimony with emphasis on the effect God has had and continues to have in his life and how Christianity relates to meth addiction in general. This presentation typically runs 1 1/2 hours.   Advertising material is also available for community events upon request.  


March 2004 to date

- Has delivered hundreds of presentations on the dangers of meth use in 30 states, Canada, and England.

- Appeared in numerous videos, print, and visual media. Examples: "Meth Destroys" Tennessee and West Virginia videos, Meth

- A Home Cooked Menace, USA Today, German, Australian, and English magazines and newspapers; London's "This Morning" national news program, and many local news broadcasts and newspapers across the United States.

- Keynote conference speaker. Examples: Minnesota Department of Corrections Annual Conference, Wisconsin DOC Conference, and New York Drug Endangered Children’s Conference, Mothers against Methamphetamine 3rd Annual Conference

- Participant in the University of Kentucky's Drug Endangered Children's Community Education Program.

- Addressed Connecticut State Legislature in special session on the debate for restrictions of key ingredients used in methamphetamine manufacturing.

- Testified on the mental state of methamphetamine psychosis during a murder trial

- Volunteer in a national public awareness campaign for The Partnership for a Drug Free America.